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Monitor and Control Indoor Air Quality and Energy

Indoor air quality and energy efficiency are crucial concerns for facilities managers. SmartConnect IoT offers an easy solution for monitoring and controlling both indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy usage.

Excessive humidity can lead to mold growth, which poses serious health risks for millions. On the other hand, low humidity can facilitate the spread of bacteria and viruses like Covid-19. Harmful gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorine gas, and ammonia can also be present in many facilities. SmartConnect makes it simple to monitor and regulate these gases, and can alert the appropriate personnel via text, alarms, audio, and visible notifications.


With successful installations in government and commercial buildings, SmartConnect IoT is a trusted solution for ensuring the safety and comfort of building occupants while also optimizing energy usage.

Effective Results

The SmartConnect IoT System provides facilities managers at schools, universities, hospitals, and commercial buildings with an integrated system for monitoring and controlling indoor air quality and energy efficiency. With sensors for humidity and dangerous gases, the system allows facilities management staff to respond quickly to problems via text messaging, without being tied to a control room. The system also provides remote access to data and control via the Internet, making it easy for facilities managers to monitor and optimize their facilities.

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Flexible and Scalable by Design

The SmartConnect IoT System provides Internet operability through a web-based HMI and REST API, both lending themselves to SmartConnect’s ability to deliver flexibility and scalability under almost any project scenario as system requirements change during planning and inevitably evolve post-initial deployment. The REST API enables the gateway to integrate with enterprise systems for analytics to be performed locally or in the cloud using AI services.

Easy Deployment and Configuration

The SmartConnect IoT system can be deployed by certified electricians and configured by IT staff. The system includes a browser-based HMI for easy configuration and monitoring of air quality and energy usage. The system can identify and monitor telemetric operating parameter levels, integrate data with asset management systems, and send alerts for maintenance, service, and emergency response. It can significantly enhance air quality and reduce the need for field visits by providing remote access to equipment.

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